Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Instrument Are You?

I volunteer at the KY Center for the Arts, so I get to see a lot of things for free.  I recently was able to see the Louisville Orchestra.

When I was in college, I asked my co-workers, "If you were an instrument, what instrument would you be?"  At the time, I felt like I was a guitar because I thought God was picking on me.  I wasn't all that thrilled (to say the least) about being called to religious life, so I prayed that God would "stop picking on me."  God is certainly persistent and the "picking" only got stronger.  I then realized I needed to change my prayer. Instead of asking God to leave me alone so I could follow my own will and make my own plans, I began praying to accept God's will in my life and the courage to act on it.  Instead of fighting against God, I threw in the towel.  I realized I had to listen and follow God's plan rather than my own.  Instead of thinking God was picking on me, I learned to realize a little more how much God loves me.  God was using me as an instrument and was wanting to play through me. 

In this huge orchestra on earth, what instrument are you and why?  Are you allowing God to play through you?  What does the music sound like?     

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