Monday, October 22, 2012

Double Whammy or Double Blessing

Several years ago, my mom told me, "You're stubborn like your father."  Ironically, shortly after this, I was with my dad.  Unaware of what my mom had said earlier, he told me, "You're stubborn like your mother."  I thought, "Oh no.  I'm doomed.  I can't win if I get it from both sides."

Although it has a negative connotation, I believe stubbornness can be a positive quality.  It has certainly served me well in the past.  When used in a good way, a person can be seen as motivated, determined, strong-willed, or persevering.  When used negatively, however, a person can be seen as closed-minded or unwilling to compromise.  Our personality traits may serve us well in one situation, but may be detrimental in another.  It depends on what's needed and how we approach the situation.

Stubbornness can help us overcome obstacles and achieve goals.  On the other hand, it can also keep us from becoming who God wants us to be.  It can keep us locked up rather than free, stuck in the past rather than open to the future.

I received a double dose of stubbornness, which can be seen as either a gift or a curse.  I just have to be mindful of how I use it.  Is it helping or hurting myself or others.  If it is hurting, what do I need to do to change the situation?  Am I open to following God's will or am I dragging my heels and wanting my will to be done. 

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