Monday, October 1, 2012

Governor on monastery: "can't think of a more peaceful place"

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels sat in the Benedictine Parlor recently at Monastery Immaculate Conception in Ferdinand, Indiana, talking about the challenges of his upcoming new job as president of Purdue University.

Sister Sylvia Gehlhausen, 88, sat nearby, listening intently. Then, flashing the grin and facial expression that has warmed so many hearts through her years as a minister of hospitality, Sister Sylvia said, “We could be your getaway place.”

Governor Daniels smiled, “I can’t think of a more peaceful place to get away to.”

It was the second time Daniels has visited the monastery during his eight-year term. The first visit came in 2008 after Sister Sylvia invited him. She remembers him saying to her, “I’ll come back,” as he left.

When the governor greeted Sisters Sylvia, Kristine Anne Harpenau, Jane Will, Betty Drewes, and Jean Marie Ballard on the monastery steps this time, Sister Sylvia said, “Oh, you did come back.” The governor replied, smiling, “I always keep my promises.”

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