Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cleaning Up

I can't believe how quickly time flies. Already it's the middle of September.

I was thinking today how confusing human behavior is. We are strange creatures, don't you think. Since I'm around kids all day, their behavior really amuses me and leaves me perplexed. For instance, it would be safe to say that the majority of kids do not like cleaning their room. However, if I went outside on a nice day during recess and said, "I need help cleaning the music room," I bet I'd have kids leaving games with the score tied and bases loaded. Kids would stop mid jump rope swing to race up the steps. They'd all fight over the vacuum cleaner.

Part of the lure may be the chance to play the instruments as they're cleaning. Part of it may be just doing something different and getting to help out doing things you don't normally get to do. Part of it may be the possibility of missing part of their next class. Who knows.

During choir practice, I let the kids bring in a snack to enjoy after school and before choir begins. I have a hard time choosing who gets to sweep up afterwards since they all want to do it. Recently, one student wanted to do it. I was expecting her to sweep only the area we were in, and I thought it would only take her a few minutes at the most. (I should have known better when it comes to kids. Things rarely go as you think they would.) About 20 minutes into practice, another student tells me that she is still out there sweeping. I didn't expect such a thorough job in every little nook and cranny.

I'm thinking of this story because I have choir practice again today after school. I wonder how many students will want to sweep and help me with all the behind the scenes stuff of setting and cleaning up. I venture to guess that the number will be far greater than those who respond voluntarily to cleaning their rooms or helping out at home.

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  1. Can you send some of them my way Sister Catherine? My office could use a good cleaning! Sounds like a fieldtrip to me. :-)