Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting for fall

As I was walking back to my living group last night, I was awe struck by the orange moon! It was so full and bright! It lit up the night sky! It made me stop and take time to ponder God and all the beauty of creation!

Officially we are now into fall, however, the temperature's tell a different story! Fall is my favorite season/time of the year! The leaves on the trees become these bright, vibrant colors. The temperature's cool off, harvest time begins. I've never been big on Halloween though.

For me, fall has another meaning as well. It's a time of transition/change. Last year at this time I was entering the monastery in fall, and completely changing my life as I had known it! So when the leaves were falling off the trees, I was falling away from my old life, into a new life here. I see the trees bare and taking root into the ground to prepare for winter. I was taking root in the ground of this monastic community.

This year I will also embrace more change as fall aproaches. I am now a Novice. I have entered into another step into my formation. I have become more deeply rooted in this way of life. I continue to learn so much day by day from my studies as well as from the sisters in this community! I am truley blessed!

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