Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Year Has Begun

My school year has begun. I teach 4th graders at Saint Bernard Catholic School in Rockport, Indiana. I have 15 students this year. We are doing fun stuff like multiplication, division, magnetism, electricity, and studying our great state of Indiana.

I am also working on my Masters in Education. I am taking classes at the University of Southern Indiana. I am taking a class on Thursday evenings. It's called Thinking in the Classroom. It starts this week and I hope that it will be useful for my teaching.

I am also taking a class at the Monastery. Sister Kathy and I are taking a seminar class. We are reading the book Benedictines by Terrence Kardong. We will meet once a month and discuss the book. We also asked 4 other sisters to join us. It is going to be great. As you can tell with all of these activities I stay pretty busy.

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