Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Ready!

In about two weeks, I will be making my perpetual profession of vows with this monastic community. (I call it final vows or just profession for short.) I don't know what planning a big wedding is like, but I am guessing the past year has been something like it!

Granted, I don't have to find a wedding photographer or decide on a cake design or spend thousands of dollars on a dress, but I did design an invitation, ask a sister to video the ritual, and choose a meal for the main celebration. I spent several long meetings with my formation director and the monastery liturgist planning the mass and other liturgies around the event. I've scoped out readers and candle carriers and Eucharistic ministers and hostesses and musicians. I had my finger measured for a ring. I spent some time last week staring at my closet trying to decide which black or white top I might wear with my nicer black skirt. Presently I'm tracking down RSVPs from friends and family who may or may not be able to come. I've reported to the powers that be who will need room and board in the guest quarters. For fun, I'm working on developing a recital to sing that evening. Have I forgotten anything?

In all this, I'm trying to remain cognizant of what this is all about. Last month I went to the wedding of a friend. It was a very simple, small wedding, with friends and family helping put things together. My friend told me, "You know, the food, the celebration, the music- that's all nice and good. What's important, though, is the sacrament. That's the main thing." Though religious profession may not be one of the seven official sacraments of the Church, it's pretty much akin to them, and it's just as serious. The main thing here is that I'm going to promise to give my whole life to God and this community, in stability, obedience, and fidelity to the monastic way of life. That's the important part. Please pray for me!

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  1. Horay Sister Jeana! I'm so happy for you and for us. Enjoy your special day!