Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reflection: Luke 4:38-44

Wednesday of the Twenty-Second Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 4:38-44

In today’s Gospel, we experience the healing power of Jesus.  After leaving the synagogue, Jesus went to the home of Simon.  When he arrived, Simon’s mother-in-law was very ill with a high fever. When Simon brought Jesus to his home, his mother-in-law was instantly healed and fully restored.  She got up from the bed and began to serve them.

At sunset, many people who were ill were brought to Jesus.  They had a variety of diseases.  Jesus laid His hands on each of them and they were cured. ! Demons came out of some of the people and they began to shout at Jesus: “You are the Son of God!” Jesus firmly rebuked the spirits.  He did not allow them to speak because they recognized that He was the Christ. 

At daybreak, Jesus left town to find a deserted and quiet place.  He needed time to rest, pray, and have some solitude.  However, the crowd of people followed Him and tried to prevent Him from leaving.  (Who would not want a healer close by?)  Jesus told the crowd that He must go and proclaim the “good news of the Kingdom.”

To whom do you take your troubles?  Do you allow Jesus to be the Lord and Healer in your life, family, and community?  God’s healing power restores us not only to health, but also to active service and care of others.  There is no trouble he does not want to help us with and there is no bondage from which he can’t set us free. 

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