Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reflection: Matthew 7:21-29

Thursday, of the 12th Week in Ordinary Time – Matthew 7:21-29

Today Jesus tells us that it is not enough to ask to enter the kingdom of heaven. We need to be women and men who truly do the will of God.  This is the single criterion on which we will be judged. 

How do we discern what God’s will is? We will not find our answer on the Internet, in a book, and maybe not even in church.  Rather, we will find the answer by listening to Jesus’ words, not just once but every single day.  We may find the answer in the Gospel reading.  It may be revealed as we spend time with an individual who needs a listening ear.  Perhaps the answer may be found in silence and stillness.

If we listen to Jesus’ words and then act on them, we are building our inner house on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.  If Jesus is at our side, we will be able to withstand any storm, flood, or disaster.  However, if Jesus is not our rock and our foundation, it is likely that our inner house will be washed away.  It will not be able to withstand a fierce storm.

Is Jesus your rock?  Is he the one you depend on every single day, even in small matters? I hope so! It is trusting Jesus in the small matters that enables us to trust Him when we are experiencing disasters in our lives.

Today, examine the foundation of your house and your life.  What and who is your foundation?  It is wise to continually strengthen our foundation.  Today (and every day) is a good day to do so.

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