Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Reflection: Matthew 7:15-20

Wednesday of the 12th Week in Ordinary Time –Matthew 7:15-20

This Gospel reading begins on a sobering note.  Jesus instructs His disciples: “Beware of false prophets, who are disguised as sheep but inwardly are wolves who come to harm you.  You can recognize that they are wolves by their motives and actions.

Jesus then uses a different image.  He tells us that no one can get grapes, figs or any fruit from a thorn bush.  A good tree is unable to produce bad fruit and a bad tree is unable to produce good fruit.  If a tree produces only bad fruit, eventually that tree will be cut down and burned.  Then Jesus says: “You can recognize the false prophets by their deeds.”

Take a moment and ask yourself:  In what areas of my life, am I basically a good tree, a tree that strives to produce good fruit?  And what are the areas in my life in which I am struggling and not producing much fruit?  Do I wish to change these patterns or am I content to continue on as I am?

I assume that we all prefer to be fruitful trees!  For the most part we are doing so.  Today ask yourself, “What is one aspect of my life that I wish to change in order to produce more fruit?”  Today, I invite you to ponder this question for 10 minutes or so.  Then choose to make one small change that has the potential to fertilize your garden.  Commit to doing this for two to three weeks.  At the end of two or three weeks, sit quietly and ask yourself: “Am I happier about who I am?  Am I more peaceful and content?”  Your response to these questions will tell you whether you are being fruitful or not.

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