Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reflection: John 3:31-36

Thursday of the 2nd Week of Easter – John 3:31-36
Today John weaves together a variety of images of earth and heaven.  John talks about the person who is earthly and who speaks of earthly things.  Then John writes that the One who comes from heaven and reigns above all.  Of course, John is writing about Jesus.
John then reiterates that Jesus is “the One above all.” Jesus testifies to the truth. However, John also writes that no one accepts Jesus’ testimony.  If we do believe in Jesus and accept His testimony, we certify that God is trustworthy.
Our belief in Jesus also comes with a responsibility. We are called to proclaim the Gospel by our words and, more importantly, by our deeds. We have to live our faith, not simply profess our faith in Jesus.  Just as Jesus commissioned his disciples to “go forth and preach the Gospel,” Jesus also sends us forth to live the Gospel and to preach the Gospel in word and deed.  This is our call, our challenge and our gift.  How will we respond? Will we go forth and spread the Gospel by word and example?  Jesus is depending on us!

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