Friday, April 29, 2016

Reflection: John 15:12-17

Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter — John 15:12-17

Today Jesus tells us to love one another as He loved us. Wow! That is quite a mandate! Is Jesus telling us to “give our all” as He did? Jesus loved us so deeply that He was willing to die for us. What a tremendous gift He gave us. The question for us is: are we willing to “die” for one another?

Jesus asks us to die for one another. Jesus does not literally mean we are to die. Yet, when we give fully and freely of ourselves to the people in our lives, in a sense, we are dying to ourselves. We are putting others first, rather than ourselves. We freely give of our time, attention, care, and love. Is there a better gift we can give to the people we love and cherish? What better gift can we give to our world?

Take a moment and ask yourself: who are the people who die for you? What are the gifts you receive from them: love, attention, care, a phone call, interest, or help when you need it? Could there be any better gifts to receive? We often take these seemingly small gifts for granted. I invite you to take a few moments this evening and consciously remember the gifts you received today and remember the people who gifted you. Give thanks to God (and perhaps to them) for their presence in your life!

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