Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reflection: Luke 24:13-35

Wednesday within the Octave of Easter  – Luke 24:13-35

Today we hear Luke’s version of the story of the walk to Emmaus.  We know this story well. Most likely, if someone asked us, we easily could tell them the story.  Familiarity can be good but at times, but it also can be a hindrance.  Today I invite you to read this Gospel passage again.  Read it slowly and attentively. Be open to the message that Jesus has for you today. After reading the passage, take a few minutes and quietly listen for Jesus’ message.

At times in our lives, we have been “the disciples on the road to Emmaus:” feeling lost, alone, sad, confused, and perhaps angered by our personal Calvary experience. True, it was not literally our crucifixion and death. Yet, most likely it was a time of great pain, confusion, anger, sadness or loss. Or it might have been a time when a significant person or part of your life died to you. Take a moment and remember one of your Calvary experiences.  Like the disciples who never thought they would lose Jesus, you also were lost, sad, confused, depressed and perhaps angry.

What was that time in life like for you?  How long did it take you to begin to recover and begin to come back to life?  Did your faith sustain you during this time or did God feel light years away from you?  Was there any sense, small though it may have been, that God, Jesus, or the Spirit was with you, sustaining you, strengthening you?  These times are extremely difficult and they may threaten our trust and faith in God.  We all know that bad things happen to good people; however, when they happen to us, our natural reaction is to question: “Why me? Why did God let this happen?”

If we hold onto our faith in God, Jesus eventually will appear to us again, most likely in unexpected ways, places, or people. Will our mind and hearts be open or will they be closed by anger, fear, and loss? Today may we pray for the grace to trust that Jesus will come to us.  May we trust and believe that Jesus IS with us always!

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