Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reflection: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Today we celebrate Easter Sunday, the day on which our Lord and God, Jesus, rose from the dead.  Do we truly believe and remember the love that Jesus poured out for us or do we focus on the Easter baskets, the candy, preparing the meal, and enjoying the springtime weather?  Is Easter simply another holiday, a day for family and perhaps for going to church?

I invite you to ask yourself on this Easter day: what am I celebrating?  Am I celebrating having a day off and a great meal to eat?  Am I simply enjoying being with my family and friends?  However, will I take 5-10 minutes and spend some time with the best friend I have: Jesus, the man who gave his life for me? Jesus died and rose for us so that we can live with him, not only now, but forever! Today will we walk with him?  Will we talk with Him?  He is waiting for us!  What will we choose?

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