Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reflection: Matthew 7:7-12

Thursday of the First Week of Lent - Matthew 7:7-12

Jesus continues His teaching of the disciples today. He begins by instructing them to ask.  Jesus promises that if we ask, we will find what we seek.  He continues by saying that if we ask, it will be given to us and if we knock, the door will be opened for us! 
Asking is not always easy for many human beings. Most of us are pretty independent and, perhaps at times, too independent. The phrase or thought, “I can do it myself,” is ingrained in many of us. To a degree, this may be a good attitude to have. We enjoy helping others, yet, for many of us, it is not easy to ask for help. We may be more comfortable helping others rather than receiving help ourselves. 

Ask yourself: How good am I at asking God for help? Am I skittish about turning to God and saying: “I need you to be with me, to help me.” Am I afraid that God will not respond to my cry, my need?

Today may be a good day to ask yourself: do I trust God? Do I trust God to love me unconditionally? Do I trust God to help me? 

Take a moment and remember a time when you truly felt God’s presence. What was the situation? How did you know God was there? Breathe in that memory. You trusted God and God did not fail you. 

Today ask God for what you need and desire. Stay attentive and notice God’s presence today. God is with you and with me! Do we believe that? I pray we do!

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