Monday, February 8, 2016

Reflection: Mark 6:53-56

Monday of the 5th Week in Ordinary Time – Mark 6:53-56

This brief Gospel reading is only three verses long.  On Saturday, we read that Jesus and the disciples were fishing.  Today’s passage is a continuation of the story.  When Jesus and the disciples had finished fishing, they landed at Gennesaret and tied up their boat.  The people on the shore immediately recognized Jesus.  They hurriedly spread the word of Jesus’ arrival.  The people began to bring to Jesus their relatives and friends who were ill.  In every town that Jesus entered, the people “brought to Jesus the individuals who were sick so they might touch the tassel on Jesus’ cloak.”  Mark then writes: “And as many touched it were healed.”

Think of the multitude of miracles that are wished for every day.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in this day and age, Jesus walked on this earth?  Imagine the many people who might be healed.  What is the healing that you would ask of Jesus?  Would it be for you or would it be for someone you love?  Would you ask for the healing of our planet or of the human race?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jesus would make us all whole again?  Perhaps then, we might live on a peaceful and loving planet.

Today, I invite you to go to Jesus and quietly sit in his presence for ten minutes or more.  If we wish to experience Jesus’ presence, we have to become still and aware.  Jesus typically comes to us in subtle ways.  If we are not quiet and attentive, we likely will miss His coming.  Be alert throughout your day.  Jesus may come to you in a surprising way! 

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