Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reflection: Luke 11:29-32

Wednesday of the First Week of Lent - Luke 11:29-32

The opening sentence of today’s Gospel may grab your attention. Jesus is telling the crowd that the current generation is an evil generation. He goes on to tell them what will happen in the future — and the forecast is not favorable. In fact, I assume Jesus’ words are frightening and forbidding to His listeners. Despite this, it seems that Jesus is simply hoping to get the crowd’s attention so that they will listen to His message. 

Jesus is speaking to the crowd about the day of judgment and what will happen at that time. What He tells them is ominous. Who wants to hear that kind of message?

It may be easier for us to focus on the end time since most likely today may not be our end time. Thus, we might ignore Jesus’ message. 

However, is Jesus sending another message to his listeners? Is He perhaps hoping that today we truly will be attentive and notice how He is present to us today? God is with us! However, will we notice God’s loving presence today? I pray we will!

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