Friday, November 27, 2015

Reflection: Luke 21:29-33

Friday of the 34th Week of Ordinary Time – Luke 21:29-33

This Gospel reading is sobering.  Jesus tells his disciples the parable of the fig tree.  He describes the natural cycle of trees from spring through winter.  Jesus uses the metaphor of nature to help us understand his teaching.  We know the cycle of the seasons and we understand the changes that occur with each season.  This analogy enables us to better understand what Jesus is saying to us.

Jesus tells his disciples that all created things will pass away.  However, his words will never pass away.  As we know from our own experience, life can change quickly.  The change may be a positive one.  However, change also can be difficult and painful.  A family member may get seriously ill.  Financial troubles may create great distress and fear.  Changing jobs or moving to another city is not an easy process.  Or perhaps your teenager is “hanging out” with the wrong crowd.  

However, Jesus reassures us that there is one reality we may always rely on: “Heaven and earth may not pass away, but my words (and my love) will never pass away!”  When life is difficult, painful or confusing,   Jesus is with us.  He pours out his love, grace and strength upon us.  He will not abandon us!  May we remember his words when we are struggling or afraid or feeling alone.  Jesus is with us always!  May we trust this wondrous reality!

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