Friday, November 20, 2015

Reflection: Luke 19:45-48

Friday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time – Luke 19:45-48

Today the Gospel reading is the account of Jesus driving out the merchants who were selling their wares in the Temple.  When Jesus realized what they were doing He was enraged.  He said to the merchants: “My house is a house of prayer!  You have made it den of thieves!”  I assume that the merchants also were enraged that Jesus had denounced them.  And after this incident, the chief priests, scribes, and the leaders of the people began to explore ways that they could put Jesus to death.  However, they were very cautious as the people were spellbound by Jesus and his teaching.

I doubt that any of us are “selling our wares” in our church, temple or mosque.  Yet when we enter our place of worship, are we mindful that we are in a sacred space, a place of worship?  Does our demeanor change when we enter this holy place?  Or do we come in, plop down and wait for the service to begin?  Or do we mindfully prepare our minds and hearts to worship God?

The next time you enter your church, I invite you to be aware of the sacredness of this “dwelling place of God.”  Also be mindful that God dwells within you.  Thus, you also are a sacred dwelling place of God!  Today may your words and actions reflect the reality that God dwells within you! 

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