Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reflection: Luke 10:1-12

Thursday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time: Luke 10:1-12

Today Jesus sends seventy-two of his disciples to the towns and places he intended to visit. Jesus wanted his disciples to be well prepared for their ministry. The first instruction he gives them is to tell them to journey with a companion. Then he says: “The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” However, Jesus adds: “I am sending you like lambs among wolves.” I wonder if the disciples understood what Jesus was saying. Did these words create some anxiety for the disciples?

Jesus then gives them instructions for their journey: “Carry no money, no bag and no sandals. Do not greet anyone along the way. When you enter a house, say: ‘Peace to this household.’” Jesus also tells them that if a peaceful person lives in that dwelling, “your peace will rest on them; but if not, your peace will return to you.” Jesus is very specific about not only what the disciples are to do but also about what they should say. He tells them to proclaim: “The Kingdom of God is at hand for you.”

Jesus’ instructions are not only for his disciples, they also are for us. I invite you to read this Gospel and strive to keep Jesus’ words and instructions in your mind and heart today as you go about your business. Primarily, we are to “proclaim the Gospel” in some fashion with every person we encounter today. It may be with our words or it simply may be a cheerful greeting. Most likely, we will proclaim Jesus’ message through our care and concern for each person and for our planet!

In today’s world, you and I are Jesus’ disciples. I wonder if the people we encounter will recognize us as his disciples by our manner, choices and behaviors? May it be so!

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