Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Calendar, December 5

Is. 26:1-6 Mt. 7:21, 24-27

Reflection by Sister Michelle Mohr
Liturgical Assistant, Ferdinand, Indiana

At times I read Scripture and find it perplexing. This is one of those times. Both the Old Testament reading from Isaiah and the Gospel reading from Matthew leave me in a quandary. I realize that the image of a house built on rock or sand or whatever type of earthy material is the foundation for a building does not indicate a material dwelling. However, I can’t turn off the images in my mind of the many natural disasters that tear through structures, wash out foundation and leave families destitute. My mind wanders to the various weather reports, warnings to evacuate or to find a safe shelter, and once again I think that the type of building doesn’t matter. Therefore, should I conclude that this passage from Matthew is irrelevant? Do I close my Bible and put it on a shelf? No, because I hear a voice within me say, “Go deeper”.

Perhaps the house is my life and the question is, “What values do I hold as my foundation, as my rock”. The passage from Isaiah gives us a few building stones. We are urged to keep faith, be of steadfast mind, and trust in God. The prophet reminds us that in God we have an everlasting rock.

Regarding the storm warnings, I believe we do experience storms in our lives and, yes, I think we do receive warnings of impending storms. They come to us in the form of stress, or fatigue, or loneliness, or a sense of unrest. An unsuspecting illness certainly falls into this category as well. Awareness of storms or oncoming storms in our lives need to be recognized in order that we remain open and steadfast to our God who is our shelter and our rock.

What are your storm warning signs?
What are your foundation stones?

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