Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Advent Calendar, December 24

Isaiah 9:1-6 (14ABC); Titus 2:11-14; Luke 2:1-14

Reflection by Sister Mary Carmel Spayd
Flower gardens and arrangements, monastery service

Advent has been a time of waiting and longing, and the longing for Jesus has become more intense as the weeks of advent have moved along. Today, on the eve of Christmas, the liturgy says: “Today you will know that the Lord is coming, and in the morning you will see God’s glory.” Yes, tomorrow we will join millions throughout the world in song and adoration to celebrate Christ’s birth.

Our finite minds will never be able to comprehend the mystery of God’s assuming our humanity, making us little less than the angels — what wondrous dignity. Can we live up to that dignity in the coming year? And can we honor that dignity in others — family members, co-workers, the unkempt homeless, the cantankerous neighbor, the exasperating student? If we allow ourselves time periodically to ponder on who we and others truly are and act accordingly, we will help make the world a happier one.

On somewhat of a sad note, yesterday’s liturgy stated: “When the Lord comes, shall faith be found on the earth?” Unfortunately, we know that countless individuals have no faith at all. What is the status of our faith? Is it alive and well, or do we need to pray for a deeper and more genuine one as Pope Francis exhorts us to do? A genuine, lively faith will prompt us to live Gospel values, reach out in charity to others, and make the Kingdom a reality here and now.

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