Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Get by with a Little Help from My Students

One thing about preparing the children’s liturgies here at school is that you never know what will happen. I could practice 100 times with a student, but that morning, the student may be absent. Today’s liturgy for All Saints Day went really well thanks to the students. We did have 2 substitutes for the ministries because of absences (and maybe a candy hangover from Halloween).

I announced to the students before we started that we were going to sing the Gloria. Well, when the time came for us to sing, I had already forgotten and had the music set up for the Responsorial Psalm. Creature of Habit. We usually don’t sing the Gloria on a regular weekday, but did today for the Holy Day.

Then after the First Reading and Responsorial Psalm, I had my fingers on the piano keys ready to play the Alleluia. A student in the choir, thank goodness, said, “Do I go up now?” She was reading the Second Reading that day. Had she not said anything, I would have forgotten. Another change for the Holy Day that we don’t normally have on other weekdays.

After that, I think everything else was the same.

Sometimes I’m the one helping the students with the liturgies. Today, it was the students helping me.

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