Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Congratulation to our jubilarians!

Jubilees are important occasions for our community. On Sunday, October 30, five of our sisters observed their jubilees - special anniversaries of their monastic profession. Five sisters - 325 years of prayer and service. With great joy and gratitude we celebrated their faithfulness to the monastic life and their commitment to years of ministry. Sister Mary Charlotte Kavanaugh (75 years), Sister Martha Marie Tempel (70 years), and Sisters Joanna Trainer, Lorraine DeVault, and Mary Dominic Frederick (60 years).

During the jubilee ceremony, the sisters renewed their vows and commitment and prayed for the grace to remain faithful.

Front row: Sister Martha Marie Tempel and Sister Mary Charlotte Kavanaugh
Back row: Sisters Joanna Trainer, Mary Dominic Frederick, and Lorraine DeVault

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