Saturday, August 8, 2009

Starting School

I don't know if this would be classified as "living in the present moment" or "being downright clueless." Probably a mixture of both. During the summer before my 4th grade year, I was outside playing with my brother. My mom yelled from the back door, "Catherine, where are your scissors? What about your crayons from last year? Are they still good? Do you still have glue?" I answered my mom's questions, but found them very strange, so I asked my brother, "Why is Mom getting our school stuff together." His answer, "School starts tomorrow." I had no idea. Somewhere I had missed out on that information. I went in the house and helped my mom gather up all my school supplies.

Starting back to school can be an exciting time, but it is also difficult for parents as they gather up all the "school stuff." The supply list seems to get longer every year and, of course, it goes without saying, times are tough. No one needs to be told these words, but the words when spoken do connect us. Struggling is part of the human experience. This is definitely a time of great financial struggle.

My heart goes out to all parents who are struggling to make ends meet and who now have schools supplies to buy on top of that. There are also teachers who buy many things out of their own pocket and who wish they could supply all their students' needs - physically, academically, and emotionally.

May God bless you and give you strength.

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