Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monastery Days

I'm home now at the monastery for a few weeks of "summer break." I spent the summer taking classes at the University of Southern Indiana and enjoying every minute of my experiences.

It was wonderful to come home and see everyone over our "community days" that Sister Michelle described in an earlier post. We had a great week full of discussions as well as some good prayer and reflection time.

Last week I made retreat and had the most life-changing prayer experiences that I have ever encountered! What a beautiful and sacred time in my life! My retreat was filled with much resting in God and heartfelt gratitude for all that I encounter each and every day in our monastic life.....

Now I'm busy working a retreat being given here at Kordes by Megan McKenna, theologian and a phenomenal story teller of the Sacred Scriptures! I'm also happy to help fill in duties on the hill for our sisters who are making the retreat this week.

Next week I head north for a vactation on the beaches of Lake Michigan..... Can't wait to sit on the beach with my coffee and watch the beautiful sunrises and magnificent sunsets!

Many Prayers and Blessings to you, all of our readers!

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