Saturday, August 22, 2009

Entering the Unknown

School started for us on August 19. In the mornings, the students come to the cafeteria to read quietly until they are dismissed and the school day starts.

The first day was filled with both digital and video cameras. Some embarrassed students pushed their moms away when they tried to hug and kiss them good-bye. Others held on to their hands for dear life. Some students were so excited wanting to show off their backpacks, shoes, and other new items. Lots of the little ones couldn't remember their teacher's name, weren't sure where their rooms were, and left their backpacks or lunch boxes in the cafeteria instead of taking the items with them to their classrooms. Needless to say, the first week of morning duty wasn't filled with quiet reading, but rather sleepy kids who were returning, confused new ones who were trying to learn the routine, and scared kindergartners who were crying.

One little kindergartner was so cute. He stood outside his room, clutching his backpack close to his body and determinedly stated, "I'm not going in there." His older sister was there, telling him how much fun he was going to have. He remained against the wall, shaking his head, trying to hide behind his backpack. His teacher then came out, took him by the hand, and helped him enter the room. The same little boy came to my music class on Friday, so I know he survived the first week of school. He just needed a familiar face and a helping hand to make those first steps into the room.

Life is about risks, isn't it? Trying new things even when they're scary for us. It's nice to have familiar faces and helping hands so that we can make those first steps into the unknown, just like that poor kindergartner.

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