Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Feast of Saint Scholastica

Today is the Feast of Saint Scholasatica. She was the twin sister of Saint Benedict. This is a special day for us here at our monastery. We believe that because of her close relationship with Benedict she had a big influence on Benedictine monastic life and how it was formed.

There is a wonderful story told about a time Benedict was visiting Scholastica at her monastery for his once a year visit. It was going on evening but Scholastica begged Benedict to continue visiting and praying with her but he said "no" because of the rules. Scholastica bowed her head in prayer and though the sky was clear, a big thunderstorm hit and forced Benedict and his brothers to stay there. Thus they were able to visit and pray through the night! Three days later as Benedict stood in his cell looking up to the sky he saw a dove rising to heaven and knew it was his twin sister's soul. He praised God for their extra long visit three days before.

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