Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hands Separately

For those of you who have ever taken piano lessons, has your teacher ever said, "Play hands separately." I used to think that would take twice as long, but in actuality it saves time in the long run.

I believe this is true in relationships as well. How can I expect to have a relationship with someone if I'm not healthy myself? I'm the right hand and someone else is the left hand. I need to work on my own issues first before coming together with someone else and forming a relationship.

In community, we work on taking care of ourselves holistically. We know that the healthier each individual is, the healthier the community will be. Just as in piano, if I work on my right hand separately and then my left, I'll then be able to bring the 2 together and play the intended melody. If each individual does what she needs to do to be healthy, we'll then be able to come together and make music. Our notes will be more accurate and our tempos and rhythms will be more in sync.

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