Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking Care of Yourself

I'm taking a Master's class at IUS this fall. I'm really enjoying it and learning about lots of things I'm doing wrong in the classroom. HA! I shouldn't say that they're wrong, I guess. There are just better ways to do things. Teaching 3 year olds to 8th graders does get tricky at times. I am enjoying the class and learning lots. One thing our teacher had us do was write down 16 action steps we'd do for ourselves. It's easy to burn out in teaching - or any occupation for that matter. Especially those that have the person constantly giving and doing. I thought it was a good idea. I tried to write down realistic things that would be fun and beneficial. Some things I already do on a regular basis, but I put them down anyway as ways that I'm helping myself.

It's easy to get stressed and overworked. There's always more to do. If a person's job is serving others, their job will never be done. It's good to make a list of things to do for yourself - either daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever. I plan to keep the list handy and treat myself to different things from time to time. The good news is that the treats don't have to involve money. They could be playing a game on the computer, reading a book for fun, playing cards once a week. Two things I put were that I would play the piano for enjoyment and take time to learn the guitar. Connecting with music is a good way for me to revive my spirits.

So, go ahead. Treat yourself to something fun. Even if it's eating lunch at a park or writing a letter to a friend. Do something for yourself and enjoy it. You deserve it. Dairy Queen blizzards are always a good idea also.

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