Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We are in the midst of parent teacher conferences at school these last couple of days. My role this year has been to be available to answer any Religion or Resource questions people may have while they are in the building, providing whatever help or info they may need. What a gift that has been for me. I didn't think very many people would want to stop by my office- and I brought lots of puzzles and quirky things to work on- but I didn't have a free moment at all last night! What an awesome adventure to be able to talk and share with people about Confirmation, about Church, about Reconciliation- God in their everyday life! And of course- people stopped by to talk about football and the Miami Dolphins (several families know it's my favorite team!) Each moment is beautiful. I was so grateful for the people I am able to work with and minister with and for- even if it's just to play with my toys I have there while they wait!

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