Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reflection: Matthew 6:24-34

The Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Matthew 6:24-34
Matthew’s Gospel today begins with a very strong statement: “No one can serve two masters.” Now, take a moment and calculate how many masters you strive to serve in one day’s time. Note: a master does not have to be human. How many masters do you have? Who and what are your masters? It may be helpful to write down who and what your masters are.
A master can be anything or anyone. Today, cell phones seem to be the master of many people. No matter where they are or who they are with, the phone is right with them. And they might even feel lost when they don’t have their phone with them. If you have been in an airport lately, you may have noticed that everyone seems to be on the phone, Ipad or computer. These days the need to be constantly connected almost seems obsessive. Ask yourself: do you feel “lost” or “naked” when you don’t have your cell phone or Ipad?
Don’t get me wrong. The reality is that technology is an integral part of most people’s lives. Technology is useful in a wide variety of ways. However, the question may be: is technology ruling our lives, be that personal, professional or spiritual? Has technology become our god? Have we lost a sense of the sacred in our lives?
Today Jesus warns his disciples to keep their priorities in order. He doesn’t want them to worry about the little things. Jesus reminds them that life is more than food or shelter. We can have all the money in the world and still not be satisfied. Jesus is reminding his listeners that only God has the ability to give us true and lasting peace and happiness. Yes, there are many gifts in our wonderful world, but without God, there is no meaning! Yet so often, I continue to look for love (or satisfaction) in all the wrong places. Do you?
Today may we look to God for our peace, our grace and our happiness! Everything else is short-lived!

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