Monday, February 13, 2017

Reflection: Mark 8:11-13

Monday of the 6th Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 8:11-13

The Gospel reading for today is only three verses long. The Pharisees again are harassing Jesus. They start to argue with him. They want Jesus to give them a “sign from heaven.” In reality, the Pharisees are testing Jesus. The want Him to “perform.” However, Jesus is fed up with them. Mark says: Jesus sighed from the “depth of the spirit.” Jesus could not understand why the Pharisees needed a sign. Why could they not believe in Him without a sign?

Do you remember the times when you also wanted or needed a sign from God? Did you receive a sign? If you received a sign, did you thank God? Or did you assume it simply was a coincidence?

The reality is that life is neither clean nor clear. Many times we do not sense God’s presence. And at times, God may feel hundreds of millions of miles away. How do we respond to that sense of lack? Do we turn away from God? Or do we continue to trust? Today may we pray for each other to trust and believe that God is with us and that God is gracing us — no matter what we feel!

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