Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reflection: Luke 9:7-9

Thursday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 9:7-9

The primary character in today’s Gospel is Herod the Tetrarch.  Herod had heard stories about Jesus’ preaching throughout Judea. He also had heard of how Jesus healed people with a touch or a word.  Herod was perplexed and he did not know what to make of this man, Jesus.  Many people claimed that Jesus was “John the Baptist raised from the dead.  Others said: “Elijah has appeared;” and others stated that “one of the prophets old has risen.” 

When Herod heard these claims, he said: “I beheaded John!  Who is this man the whole city is talking about?” Herod was very curious about this man; and he was anxious to learn more about him.

While we do not live in the same time period as Herod and Jesus, we can turn to the New Testament to get a glimpse into Jesus’ life. What fascinates you about Jesus?  If you could sit down with Jesus in person, what would you ask him?  For healing?  For a listening ear?  Tonight, take some time to talk to Jesus.  Ask him anything you would like.  Jesus will listen and answer.

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