Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reflection: Luke 7:11-17

Tuesday of the Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Luke 7:11-17

The scene for today’s Gospel is the gate of the city of Nain. Jesus, his disciples, and a crowd of his followers had just arrived in the city. As they came to the city gate, a man who had died was being carried out. This young man was his mother’s only son and she was a widow. His death left her all alone. What sorrow the mother must have felt!

I doubt that the woman even saw Jesus. She was focused on her son and her great loss. But Jesus saw her pain and the Scripture says: “he was moved with pity.” Jesus didn’t just “notice” the woman. He truly “saw” her; he reached out to her and he literally returned her son to her! When did the woman realize the miracle that had happened? Did she think she was losing her mind? Was this really happening? Or did she simply trust?

At times, we too are in great pain and experiencing great loss. Do we trust that Jesus truly is with us? Do we believe that Jesus not only sees our pain but can we trust that he is reaching out to us, helping us get through the pain, the loss? At these times in our lives, it may be very difficult to trust Jesus. We even may begin to question what God is doing in our lives. Why is God letting this happen? Can I truly trust Jesus? At these painful times, may we pray for the grace to believe and trust that Jesus is right there with us, helping us get through this difficult time!

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