Thursday, July 21, 2016

Reflection: Matthew 13:10-17

Thursday of the 16th Week of Ordinary Time – Matthew 13:10-17

This Gospel reading begins with the disciples asking Jesus: “Why do you use parables when you are teaching?” Jesus basically says to them: “The people do not understand as you do. You have been granted the privilege of the knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom. This is a wondrous gift you have been given!  The people who hunger for God’s Word need to be instructed about these mysteries.”  Then Jesus adds: “To anyone who has knowledge, more knowledge will be given. Anyone who does not have knowledge will lose any knowledge he or she has.”

Ask yourself: with which person do you identify: the one with knowledge or the one without it?  What is the knowledge you have gleaned about the mysteries of the Kingdom?  What more do you desire to learn?  Do you understand Jesus’ message and promise or are you eyes, ears, and heart closed to Jesus’ message?

As human beings, our understanding typically comes by what we learn through our eyes, ears, and minds.  However, the deepest understanding comes from our hearts.  The heart is the seat of wisdom, understanding, and love.  Today I invite you to consciously open your heart to the mysteries of the Kingdom.  Be attentive to what you notice: the emotions you experience or the people with whom you interact.  Jesus is present with us every second of the day; however, we often we are not aware of His presence. Today be awake! If you stay awake and alert, you likely will receive a great gift!

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