Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Volunteers show how to "zag"

This summer, we had a group form Illinois come for a week for a “Mission Trip.” As with many mission trips, there is always painting to be done… and sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate. They were supposed to paint railing and banisters around the grounds, but rain was all around.

Time passed and they felt like they never finished the project, so the weekend before school started, seven young ladies came back to finish the job.

That weekend when they had lots to do to get ready for school, they choose to “zag.” They came, painted, played, prayed, and, of course, ate with us here at the Monastery. When the world was zigging that weekend, they zagged!

—Sister Teresa Gunter, OSB

Learn more about how the Sisters of St. Benedict "zag" on our web site!

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