Friday, September 11, 2015

Reflection: Luke 6:39-42

Friday of the 23rd Week in Ordinary Time — Luke 6:39-42

In this Gospel, Jesus uses a variety of images. He asks his disciples: “Can a blind person guide another blind person? Most likely they both will fall into a pit.” He then uses similar examples of disciples and their teachers. He talks about our human tendency to have splinters and wooden beams in our eyes. These objects keep us from “seeing” the whole picture. And Jesus wants his disciples to be fully aware of their natural tendency to automatically judge others.

The difficulty is that for most of us, our tendency to judge is automatic. Often, I judge someone and I may not be consciously aware that I am making a judgment. The gift is: if we choose to, we can work at freeing ourselves of judgment. Most likely we will not become 100% “judgment free.” However, if we choose to release a judgment, we release the person we were ready to judge and we also release ourselves.

Today I invite you (and me) to practice not judging others. Throughout the day, be alert and aware. If you realize that you are judging another person, consciously release your judgment. At the end of the day review your progress in letting go of judgment. Be patient with yourself. We have been judging others most likely since we came forth from the womb. It takes practice (and more practice) to refrain from judgment. However, as you progress in this effort notice: Are you more content? Was your day more peaceful? And who knows, perhaps the other person also may have been more peaceful and content!

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