Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sisters and people learn from each other in Peru

Sure, the lifestyle is a little different in Peru than in the United States.

Cold showers are common in many areas. Sometimes the water doesn’t work at all. Some villages are unreachable by car, or even by bicycle, so you walk. Living room furniture might be a lawn chair or two. Some entire families use just one bed.

But for the Sisters of St. Benedict who are serving the local people, much of their ministry is the same as in the U.S. They help the poor and needy as best they can. Or work patiently with school children struggling to understand math. Or help the journey of those of strong faith, or those of lesser faith looking for more.

Sister Kathy Cash, a teacher at Trinity High School in Louisville, completely loved her recent stay there.

Sister Kathy admits she has “never been totally comfortable with living completely in a United States frame of mind.”

Even as a child, she yearned to have the chance to live and work outside the friendly and familiar confines of the U.S. So she jumped at the chance recently to spend nearly five weeks living and working at the monastery operated in Peru by nine Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand.

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