Friday, October 7, 2011

Fulfilling Our Calling

Today and yesterday, we’ve been having Parent, Teacher, Student (PTS) Conferences at school. This involves the homeroom teachers, so as a music teacher, I fortunately don’t have to do them unless there is a specific need.

There are many things homeroom teachers do that I do not do, but there are also things that I do that the homeroom teachers do not have to do. We all have our specific calling and talents. I’m grateful that I can use my gifts as a music teacher.

Every teacher does have different responsibilities, depending on the age of the students. As the 3 year olds were leaving my classroom the other day, I heard the teacher tell one student, “Hold on. Let me hold your hand. Your pants are falling down and your shoe’s untied.” You probably wouldn’t hear the teachers of the older students say that. I’ve heard them discuss other important things with them, such as the importance of wearing deodorant every day.

Teachers really do have many more responsibilities each day beyond teaching. It all depends on what our gifts are as to what subject and age level we teach.

Let us be grateful for whatever our calling is in life and fulfill that calling to the best of our ability – whether it’s tying shoes or reminding students about personal hygiene.

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