Thursday, April 28, 2011

Between the Storms

All of us in the Midwest are no doubt tired of the storms and rain that seem to be a permanent fixture these days. We are especially aware of all those in the south who were hit hard yesterday by the tornadoes. We are praying for the families who have lost loved ones, homes, and businesses. Also in our prayers are all those in our area who have been affected by flooding.

Today however, right in between two storms, God sent us a beautiful double rainbow! What a joy to see and a great reminder that God is with us and has made a promise to be there right by our side for all of time. Though it may not feel like it now, God IS in our midst. Let us hold each other in prayer and remember our loving God who not only sent us a rainbow today but also sent Jesus, His only son to die for us. Happy Easter blessings to you all!

Did you see the double rainbow tonight? If so, where were you when you saw it and what thoughts came to your mind? Please share with us!


  1. I love the photos! It was so cool here in our neighborhood. Everyone was outside taking photos and ooo'ing and ah'ing. God knew we needed that! :)

  2. What would have been REALLY neat would be to have caught a picture from the west side of the monastery church with the rainbows going over it. Maybe someone in town did.

  3. My cousin showed me a photo that makes it look like the rainbow is coming out of the dome. :) I'll have to share it with you.