Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday (I) Sweets

**AUTHOR'S NOTE: In the liturgical world (ergo, in the monastic world) Sunday actually begins on Saturday evening. Therefore, despite the fact that it is currently late on a Saturday night, I have decided to go ahead and title my entry as "Sunday" or "Sunday I" as in our prayer books**

One of my favorite websites when I'm trolling the Internet is a blog called "Cake Wrecks", a site dedicated to showing off professionally produced baking flops. However, every Sunday, in a bold stride to detract from the usual negativity, the site holds space for "Sunday Sweets", pictures of the most exquisite cakes the world has to offer. I love to check this site on Sundays to see what beautifully creative things bakers have recreated using cake, some icing and a little modeling chocolate.

As I reflect over my long weekend here at the monastery, I can't help but to call forth many of my own "Sweets" from my time spent here. So here's my list of all those things that I might have overlooked had I only been paying attention to the flops. And now onto Sr. Kathy's Sunday Sweets!

*** My first great kindness of the weekend came in the form of a hand-delivered note via the "Monastic Mail system." In simpler terms, when our sisters travel to other monasteries, they often offer to carry mail to and from. One of our sisters just returned from a trip and brought home a lovely letter from someone I haven't seen in quite some time.

*** I was struck this evening by a sister, hurrying into prayer at the last minute. As she rushed to her spot, her eye caught on a pair of roses that someone placed in the Blessed Virgin Room, and in a display of acute mindfulness, she took a moment to stop for a sniff and a brief smile before settling into her place in line.

*** Today was a full one for me - practice time at the piano, helping host the seven (yes, seven!) young women who are visiting us, Temporary Professed class, and bell choir rehearsal. However, in between all the craziness, a good friend and I found a few moments to get outside for a lovely October walk and an even lovelier chat.

*** At the end of the aforementioned Temporary Professed class, we held a short prayer service and blessing for Sr. Jeana who made her Perpetual Monastic Profession just two weeks ago. It was a beautiful time to celebrate with her as she continues to deepen her monastic journey

*** Tonight was community recreation night and we invited all the women who are visiting with us to come join in. I love to see the joy in our community room when it is filled with so many people having fun.

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