Saturday, October 30, 2010

Powder Puff Football

One of my duties at the high school where I teach is to plan the yearly After-Prom party. As a major fundraiser for this, each fall for the past few years, I've coordinated the junior-senior girls' Powder Puff Football Game. I never had the experience of a Powder Puff game when I was in high school, but what a flurry of drama! For one night of fun and entertainment, the girls design and order their own T-shirts and sometimes sweatpants, favorite football players are recruited as coaches, a guys' cheer squad has a cheerleader teach them a routine, and multiple semi-secret practices are arranged. On top of this we have a bake sale at the concession stand. This year, right before the game, as both teams were warming up and getting ready on the field, the seniors called me over and asked me to pray with them before they played. We circled up and prayed for a safe and fun game, and then they were good to go. I love my juniors dearly (I teach them during the day), but after a rather hard-fought battle the seniors won. Never underestimate the power of prayer?

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