Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Dinner

I'm not a cook. A show I enjoyed watching recently was called Worst Cooks in America. People were nominated by friends and family as the worst cook. They were then put in 2 teams and taught basic cooking tips and expected to turn out dishes with some help from their teacher. One person went home each week until only one was left and declared the winner.

I agonized right along with them. Simple instructions really do sound like a foreign language to me. I like instructions that say, "Remove from wrapper and place in oven/microwave."

As Easter approaches, I remember some kitchen disasters that would have made me a perfect candidate for the show. One time I made mashed potatoes that turned out runny. It was more like potato soup. My brother then banned me from ever making mashed potatoes again. Another time I attempted deviled eggs. Once again I was banned from ever making deviled eggs. At least I tried and learned from my mistakes. Thankfully that show wasn't around when I was creating all these disasters. I'm sure he would have submitted my name.

Even though I was "banned," I have made mashed potatoes and deviled eggs since then and have been successful. Here's to all the cooks out there getting ready for Easter dinner. If all else fails, at least there's always chocolate and jelly beans.

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