Monday, March 22, 2010

Sister and Power tools

This past Saturday a colleague and I gathered twelve of our juniors for service work with Habitat for Humanity. We had taken a group this past Fall and really had a great time even with the cold rainy weather. This time it was a beautiful day and our young men were tired from attending a prom the night before but came with energy and enthusiasm for the work ahead.

We split into two groups. One went to an empty lot that needed cleaning up and the other went to a house that had just been framed and needed some framing of windows and work underneath the house. It was good to see that they stepped forward when the supervisor asked for volunteers to do different tasks. Even when the tasks were not the most pleasant.

They did a great job and loved every minute of the day. They asked my colleague and I when we were going again.We have had such overwhelming response to our Habitat Saturdays that we will be starting a club and committing to one Saturday a month during the school year and several week days during the summer. The young men see the importance of helping others to have a home and were happy to be a part of the process.

Today at lunch my colleague said that I was the subject of much discussion before class. They never knew that a sister could use power tools as I did and that I could make a frame for a window in a structure. They were suprised that I could use a hammer and was able to lift and carry lumber as I did that day. Today, I am stiff but not sore. They also talked about how they are getting to know some of their teachers in a different way through their service projects and really enjoy the experience.

Young people today have a concern for those who are in need of help no matter what it is. We as adults just need to channel and guide the energy. And even pick up a power tool or two from time to time to motivate them. If they see us doing what we ask of them they will follow.

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