Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lenten Promises

It's the 4th week of Lent. How's everyone doing with their Lenten promises?

One thing I chose to do was give up soft drinks. Growing up, soft drinks were a rare luxury. Things changed when I went to college because I had greater access to sodas in the dining halls. Mt. Dew was really helpful when it came to late night cramming for a test/complaining about a class. Now $1.00 sodas at McDonald's are awfully enticing.

I decided to give up sodas because I realized I was using them as a source of comfort. I'm all for people treating themselves, but I had gone beyond that. It was almost to the point where the McDonald's people had my cup ready and my order rung up by the time I walked in the door. (I used to work at McD's. We had our regulars who were very loyal to their routines.)

During Lent, the idea is that we give up something we like or do often or something we're addicted to (like I was with soft drinks) in order to focus and rely on God. It is God I should turn to for help with my day, not a $1.00 Diet Coke.

It all ties in with what St. Benedict says about living a balanced life. All things in moderation. I'm all for treating myself from time to time as long as it remains a treat and not a necessity.

Blessings on the remaining days of Lent and all your Lenten promises.

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