Friday, December 18, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

An eight year old child that I know is very distressed because the lights on his Christmas tree have stopped working and his family cannot afford to replace them or buy cookie dough to make cookies for Santa. The child explained that he is upset not because he cannot enjoy the lights or the outdoor decorations, but because he thinks that the lack of lights, decorations, and cookies will be a poor welcome for Santa, who has been so generous to him.
As I listened to this child's tale of woe, I realized that I am probably not setting up the most hospitable environment in my heart for Jesus to be born. I feel busy, rushed, and overwhelmed -- kind of like my internal Christmas lights have stopped working on a string or two. Like the child, I don't feel ready for Jesus' (or Santa's) coming. I don't have to worry about buying Christmas lights or cookie dough, but I do need to continue to prepare my heart during the remainder of this Advent season. This child's concern about being welcoming for Santa challenges me to be welcoming not only to Jesus, but to others as well.

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