Saturday, December 26, 2009

A different Christmas

My prayers this Christmas are different than in years past. They are for those who are experiencing their first Christmas without a loved one due to death. This summer I also lost my stepmother after her year long battle with cancer.

Christmas is a time for joy and happiness. A time to be with family sharing food, stories, fun, and play. When a loved one is missing it is usually in these special times we miss them the most. I know that I will miss my stepmother's enthusiasm for decorating the front yard with blow up statues and lighted deers. Although my father does not miss the putting up and taking down of all those decorations some how he does miss some of the experience, including the arguement over putting them up. I believe he did it to get a rise out of my stepmother.

So, for all of you who are missing a loved one this Christmas know that my prayers are with you. We remember that the coming of Christ gives us hope that our loved one is sharing in the joy of eternal life.

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