Friday, October 9, 2009

Our God Is an Amazing God

I went to a public school for most of my education, but did go to a Catholic school when I was in 1st and 2nd grade. The priest would visit our classroom every so often. The teacher would let us know, and we were to be on our best behavior. (Weren't we always?)

I still remember what happened on two of his visits. Once, he chose different students to be disciples. I was Bartholomew. I remember thinking, "Yeah! I'm Bartholomew. " I had never heard that name before, so it made it extra special.

I also remember in 1st grade when he asked our class how many gods there were. I knew that God was every where and that God was in each person, so I confidently raised my hand and said, "Billions and billions and billions and billions." Makes sense, right? He's everywhere. If God is in my classroom and also in all the classrooms all across the world as well as in each person, there had to be billions of gods.

I'm sure my teacher's eyes got big. How could the brightest student in the class . . . (Ha, ha, only kidding.) The priest called on someone else who answered, "One." WHAT!!!!! You can imagine my surprise. One God! How can that be? The idea blew me away! I remember thinking, "Wow! There's something amazing about this God!"

"OK," I thought, "God's not really everywhere." I then pictured God on a cloud up in Heaven, looking down on each of us. The idea that God sees all of us on earth even when we're inside a building and under a roof blew me away also when a teacher revealed that bit of news to me later in the year.

So, let's get this straight. There's one God, but yet God is everywhere, knows everything, is in each one of us, and sees everything even when we're inside a building with a roof over our heads. Amazing! There's definitely something amazing about this God!

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