Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kids are Funny

I teach 4th grade and I have taught my students this cheer that we do when they do something well. This is the first class that really likes to do it. It is called the roller coaster cheer. It is very simple but they love to do it. You take your hands like you are the roller coaster and make the sound going up the coaster and then when you go down you make the sound like you make when riding a roller coaster. It is kind of hard to explain but the kids loved it. We also have been going on www.freerice.org as a class. This website has all different questions to answer and then you earn so much rice for poor countries for each question answered. I hope my students are learning alittle bit about social justice. Father talked about social justice in his homily the other day and when we got back from Mass, my students said Sr. Jill we do social justice when we go on free rice.

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